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Most challenging behaviors in dementia are mild or moderate and can be treated at home. Appropriate, non-pharmacological handling is usually sufficient and there is no need addressing to a physician or to specialized dementia care. Proper education is essential to deal with challenging behaviors at home.  When a new behavioral symptom is observed or changes […]

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The value of early cognitive assessment Older adults’ relationship with cognitive examination and dementia screening remains complicated. The progressive nature of the disease and limited treatment options often lead older adults to forgo cognitive assessment until they feel they are facing serious cognitive issues which impact their daily life. It is true that often the […]

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Dehydration is a very serious problem in all ages and has potentially deleterious consequences if not diagnosed and treated promptly. Dehydration is often encountered in the elderly, both in the community and long-term care settings and it is important to understand some basic principles to reduce the risk of dehydration in this sensitive age group.  […]

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Things to reflect on after holiday visits with older adults During the winter holiday season many of us were lucky enough to visit older relatives, while taking all the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from COVID-19. Festive gatherings are a big part of family life and something most of us […]

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Being festive and mindful in the era of COVID-19 This holiday season is going to be different. Few of us would have thought that at some point in our lives we would be celebrating winter holidays during a global pandemic. Yet, in difficult times humans always find ways to adapt, support each other and continue […]

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Introduction Constipation is a common problem in the elderly population. Epidemiological studies show that the incidence of constipation increases from the age of 65 by 25-50%. The frequency of constipation may be as high as 75% of patients who are in senior care facilities, hospitals or other institutions and in particular if they suffer from […]